A Premier Garden Supply Store for Your Hydroponic Needs


Top-Quality Products

H2Organic is a full-service hydroponic shop featuring top-quality products from Sunlight Supply. H2Organic also is backed up with products from Supernatural, Advanced Nutrients, House and Garden, Age Old, Hortilux, Sunmaster, and tons of others to round out the choices. Do you prefer to garden with organic products? No problem. How about vegan products? We’ve got you covered there also.

H2Organic’s staff is made up of experienced professional, courteous, and honest top-notch gardeners that will help you with whatever style of gardening you are accustomed to. We will not shove unnecessary products down your throat and will try and make you feel at ease with your gardening questions. Our prices are as low as any other shop’s; usually MSRP or lower. We’re not here to rip anyone off. With the current price of gas, why would you drive anywhere else when we can meet your needs here? This is my goal as a shop owner.

H2Organic is not your typical grow shop. That’s evident as soon as you walk in. A customer once described it as “being in someone’s living room.” It’s a place where you can sit down and chat with another gardener about your gardening issues and needs. Do you need a house call? We can do that. Do you have a problem that defies description? Bring in a picture and we will tell you what you need to know. Do you need an electrician to set up your growing space? We can help you there as well. If you want solid products, solid prices, backed up with solid info and after-sale service, then H2Organic is your shop!


We are dog-friendly and have several four-legged regulars. We would much rather have them come in than wait in the car and we always give out dog treats! Yes, next to Petco, we are your dog’s favorite store.