Custom Soil for Healthy and Vigorous Plant Growth


Custom Soil

H2Organic’s custom soil has helped local gardeners achieve the results they have been looking for. This soil is made up of the finest in organic amendments (and some proprietary secrets too!) and has some gardeners doubling their output and getting them "Best in Show" results. Crazy, right? If your gardening could use a boost, then this soil is what you have been looking for. Our soil comes in 3 cubic foot bags – enough for four 5 gallon pots. If you order five 3 cubic foot bags, it will be like getting any of the popular, prepackaged 1.5 cubic foot bags (see some examples below) for $10.00. What a deal! Since this is specially made, call ahead and order your bags. Ask for Jim Dirt!

H2Organic also carries the brands of soil that the industry has come to recognize as their favorites: Ocean Forest, Happy Frog, Light Warrior, Black Gold, Roots, Coconut, etc.